Canvas print: Pit Pony



‘Pit Pony’ Limited edition canvas print

A Pit Pony painted in the style of a Celtic War Horse, which I think sums up their characters and toughness – the background is of old Northern Industry including choked up factories, coal mines and terrace streets… with the hope of fresh air and beautiful open countryside in the distance

Pit Ponies were first used in the coal mines of Durham in the 1750’s. Incredibly tough, hardy creatures that spend most of their lives in the mine. Loved by the men who worked with them and at their height in 1913, 70,000 ponies were working underground

Having northern roots, I have an interest in northern industry from the 18th to mid 20th century, especially the character of the people involved and of course the animals who helped keep the wheels turning

This size is 32 inches x 24 inches x 1.5 inches deep

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My work has been exhibited and sold alongside many other well known artists including

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Ai Weiwei.
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