SOLD. Original Painting: Title. Long Life


Approx 5ft wide plus the frame

This is a painting inspired by 17th and 18th century classical still life’s – the kind of paintings I’ve handled and sold in the art business for many years. The originals were often very dark and gloomy in their backgrounds, so as difficult as it is for me not to paint in bright colours everywhere, I’ve darkened the background and painted an oak panelled wall and worn wooden floor boards in a slightly more muted colour scheme. I actually really like it as it gives the fruit a real burst of life…and that’s what’s this is all about…Life.

The antique Chinese fruit bowl is decorated with the symbol for ‘Long Life’ and is something that wishes the owner a fruitful, meaningful, long and happy life.

The table is an English bobbin turn oak one dating to the early 18th century and the wine glasses and decanter are, again, classical 18th century design.