‘Double Happiness’



Original painting. 5ft tall plus frame size

“Double Happiness”

Description and inspiration:

I have always had a great love of Chinese porcelain and I have been studying and handling it all my life. Here in the West, we have had the same fascination for hundreds of years. It is strange to think that objects made in the Far East, from an altogether different culture to ours, work so beautifully with Western design. Visit any country house in Britain and I have no doubt that you will find collections of Chinese porcelain perched on fine English period furniture looking like a marriage made in Heaven … and talking of marriages and partnerships, this is exactly what this painting is all about.

The symbol on the eighteenth century Chinese vase sitting on the English Queen Anne table is not just for decoration. This is the ancient Chinese good luck symbol for double happiness; wishing the owner good fortune and happiness in marriage, business and partnerships.

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