SOLD. A Pair of Georgian Air Twist Wine Glasses circa 1750


A large original painting. 63 inches x 52 inches Framed

Description and inspiration:

This painting was inspired by a visit I made to the home of Virginia Woolf in Sussex whilst filming a ‘Celebrity Antiques Road Trip’. It was a glorious summer’s day and the garden was full of colour and life and from the coolness of her living room I could see through the windows the most beautiful flowers, some of which seemed to be almost tapping on the windows to be let in.

On the long five hour drive home that evening, I couldn’t stop thinking about the comforting feel of that living room and how glorious it would have been to spend the evening there with good company, good wine and, of course, the fabulous view out of the window. 

The painting features a pair of Georgian Air Twist wine glasses and a decanter – all circa 1750 – sitting on a Victorian mahogany table, circa 1860. 

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