SOLD Original Painting: Title. ‘Contemplate’




A large original painting. 5ft tall. Now framed, so finishes at about 5.7 tall

Description and inspiration:

Modern life is full of stresses, strains and time restraints and my ‘Contemplate’ painting should remind you to, on occasions, stop, sit down, relax, think, reflect and contemplate what we have, what we’re doing and where we are going. They say, for well-being, we should meditate for twenty minutes a day and if you think you haven’t got time to do that then you really need to meditate for an hour. I, like everyone else, am not very good at doing this but each time I look at my painting it does remind me to contemplate. 

My ‘Contemplate’ painting features, in the frame behind the sofa, an antique Chinese vase decorated with the symbol for contemplate. Below this, sits a lovely and comfortable Georgian sofa with a couple of glasses of good wine which hopefully encourages you to take those much needed twenty minutes!

Commissions possible based on this or any other of my paintings…please enquire