FREE!! Helping Elephants Greetings Cards. Please Send Proceeds To Elephant Sanctuaries





Please help me raise awareness and funds for Elephant sanctuaries in Africa and Elephant charities here in the UK

I have around 400 cards which I’m willing to give away FREE in batches of 25 to anyone who is willing to sell them any which way they can, as long as they agree to give the proceeds of the sales to an Elephant charity of their choice.

Every day, around 90 Elephants are killed by poachers…that’s 1 every 15 minutes and then their tusks are sold illegally onto the black market…please see my video here

The video mentions me selling the cards. Ignore this bit, I think its better to distribute the cards on mass to others. That way the message is spread quicker and further

I’ve painted four pictures…all fun, lively and jolly, which I’ve turned into greetings cards – I’m hoping the cards will be posted around the world and this will help raise awareness of the Elephants plight. The cards are blank on the inside, so they’re suitable for any occasion. The originals could be available for a suitable charity fund raising event.

These cards are FREE to anyone who can sell them to raise funds and awareness for the Elephant’s plight

My greetings cards sell anywhere from £2.50 to £3.50 in shops and here online, but these will cost you nothing, so you can sell them for whatever you like (although, don’t sell for under £1, as this only devalues them…and they cost more than that to produce!)

This is very much a trust thing. Please send net proceeds from the sales to sanctuaries in Africa or Elephant charities here in the UK

Please email me with your address (I’ll post them for free too!) and details of how you might go about selling them and after that keep in touch and I’ll do what I can on social media to help you

Thank you very much

David Harper

Please Note:

If you make a purchase from me through here through my website for anything from a card to an original painting. Mention on the order ‘Elephants’ and I’ll donate 20% of the order value to an Elephant charity of your choice

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