Greetings cards to help Elephants

Helping Elephants. 4 Greetings Cards. All Net Proceeds To Elephant Sanctuaries


Please help me raise awareness and funds for Elephant sanctuaries in Africa.

Every day, around 90 Elephants are killed by poachers…that’s 1 every 15 minutes and then their tusks are sold illegally onto the black market…please see my video here

I’ve painted four pictures…all fun, lively and jolly, which I’ve turned into greetings cards – I’m hoping the cards will be posted around the world and this will help raise awareness of the Elephants plight. The cards are blank on the inside, so they’re suitable for any occasion

All net proceeds from the sales will go to sanctuaries in Africa

Price is £10 for the complete set of 4 cards, including envelopes and delivered to you anywhere in the UK…for overseas orders, I can post them free if you buy two sets, so that would be £20 for 8 cards.

Thank you

David Harper